Technology is my passion and I believe that advancing technology will advance society. I love music, both making it and listening to it. I also have a passion for photography. I have highly motivated and I'll do whatever it takes to achieve my goals.

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I'm John. I'm 18, I like dogs, technology, and long walks on the beach at sunset. I go by Cyrus online since I don't like using my real name for things. 

Why does this exist?

This is a blog that I will mainly use to put tech projects i'm working on out there that I can use as a portfolio for future work. Also something that I believe would be beneficial for everyone. At your fingertips, whether it be a phone or a computer or even a console (if you're reading this on a console for some reason), you have pretty much all knowledge that is known to mankind. I believe that computers have limitless potential and yet we mostly just use them to watch cat videos or go on the same 5 websites. I would like people to be more interested in what benefits computers can have for people and what you can do with them, so i'm sharing my experiences  and knowledge here. 

I also added a section dedicated to putting a spotlight onto music I like. It's not a focus of the site, but something I'll do occasionally. 


What's your experiences?

My personal experience with technology is rather encompassing. I'm not a master in any single subset, but I am pretty well rounded.

I'm pretty good with programming. I mainly have experience with object oriented programming languages, such as Java or Python. However, I have experience with C++ and statistical languages like R and Julia. Also have some minor experience in HTML and Javascript/CSS. 

I have experience with Linux, mostly debian based distributions. I know my way around the command line and I'd like to think i'm rather competent. 

I am somewhat knowledgeable of penetration testing and most of the tools that is used for that. By extension, I have experience with networking. 

I also have experience with hardware and building computers. I've built my own computers and I've helped friends and family with building their own as well. I am also very good with troubleshooting and I understand the fundamentals of computers and how they work. 

There's more things I have experience with of course, but this list would be pretty long and pointless. If anyone would like to contact me, feel free to do so at my email. 

What do you hope to accomplish with this site?

I would just like a place to show the world things I've worked on and things that will hopefully be useful to others. I'd also like to get more people interested in technology and this serves as a nice portfolio for work.

I also hope that I will turn some people onto some good music from the music posts I make here. 

I hope you enjoy reading what I put here, and once again, feel free to shoot me an email if you would like to contact me. 

My business email is cyrusschwarz@gmail.com