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Automate #1: Autoreplying to texts

After yesterday's post I decided that i'll go into detail of one of my flows. Keep in mind, this flow is likely in no way perfect. There are likely ways to make this better and optimize it. With that being said, I'm just trying to explain automate and how to make a flow that is likely useful to some people.

This flow automatically replies to text messages saying something along the lines of "Hello, i'm currently not around my phone. It may take a while for me to reply" when I'm at school and when the phone screen is off.

There's block numbers on the top left. The logic is as follows.

1. The actual beginning of the flow.

2. It waits for me to receive a text. If I get one, it moves onto 3.

3. The phone checks if I am at school. If I am not, it goes to block 6 (waits for 5 minutes) and goes back to 1. If I am, it continues to 4..

4. It checks if my phone is currently unlocked. If it is i'm likely using it and I'm probably able to reply. It waits for 5 minutes and goes back to 1. If it is not, it goes to 5.

5. Block 5 is where the message is actually sent. It sends a message to the person who sent me a message first. Immediately after this it goes to block 6 where it waits for 5 minutes. This is to prevent spam as sometimes it takes a few minutes for the automatic message to send and if people send multiple messages that will cause the automatic message to send.

I'll go into the details as to how to set this up.

This is important. This is the first block where the app checks if a message was sent. You NEED to set the sender phone number variable to something. Doesn't really matter what. This will be called back to later.

This is block 3. You just set what location you want to check for. I edited out my latitude and longitude because I don't want people to know where I go to school.

This is block 4. This block checks whether or not the phone is unlocked. I have it set to proceed immediately.

This is block 5, one of the most important bits. In the phone number section you set the variable to whatever you put on the first picture. After that you will need to set whatever message you want.

This is just the wait timer that some flows direct to under certain conditions. You can set the timer to whatever you want, but I suggest not ticking "Awake device".

And that's it. Of course there's likely better ways to set this up (And if you have suggestions, feel free to comment) but this is how I do it. I want to get more people interested in this app and it's possibilities.

I hope you enjoyed reading.

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